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Thursday, November 26, 2009

5th graders - pumpkins & gourds

5th graders studied value and shading. We discussed contour lines, how to create depth by using shading techniques and how to make objects appear three dimensional on a two dimensional surface (paper). They first began their study by creating a value scale and shading techniques. After that, students used direct observation to pencil draw the still-life containing pumpkins and gourds. When the students finished their pencil drawing, they were asked to focus in on one area of the still - life and were asked to, again, draw the still-life - this time using white chalk on black paper. The students then used oil pastels to bring color into their composition. The results turned out beautifully, and the students should be proud of their accomplishments, as was I.

2nd grade

With the beginning of fall, students read a book, "Fletcher and the falling leaves", and created an interpretation of their own tree with it's falling leaves. Students created a crayon resist windy background by watercolor painting, then applied oil pastel, liberally and spontaneously to create a tree with autumn color falling leaves. Students applied their knowledge of color blending in the creation of their tree. When the artwork was completed. students wrote a poem describing their tree, the leaves or their feelings of the fall/autumn season.

Friday, November 13, 2009

3rd Grade Modern Day Mona Lisa

Students studied Leonardo DaVinci and focused on his painting, Mona Lisa. Next, the students drew their own version of Mona Lisa set in today's modern world. The students created a variety of Modern Day Mona Lisas from DisneyWorld Monas, to sports Monas, to career Monas. The projects have turned out beautifully and students are very proud of their accomplishments, as am I.