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Thursday, May 31, 2012

One week into SuMmEr BrEaK

One week into summer's been a whirlwind - graduation's over, guests are gone and now I can reflect.

Sad to see another school year end - I'm always kinda "blue" when we say good-bye for the summer break and this much so!
After 7 great years at Duncan Creek Elementary, I am leaving and will call Harmony Elementary my home for next year, and planning on many more years to come.
I will miss all the DCES families and of course the teachers. I like to think of it as not good-bye, but see you around the Mill Creek community.

Lots of summer activities planned and looking forward to an island vacation and when I get back home, teaching art camp and then I can concentrate on my own art making!

Looking forward to my new school, new teachers, new classroom, and new students. I have a few new lessons I am working on and look forward to implementing them in the 2012- 2013 school year.

Keep your eyes out for a new and revised blog....and hello Harmony!

Friday, May 4, 2012

4th grade

That's what the 4th grade students said when I introduced this lesson!  Students learned about the color wheel by creating a stair step book and using vocabulary words created pages of each of the color families such as primary colors, secondary colors, tertiary colors, neutral colors, complementary colors, monochromatic colors, and analogous colors. Students then, as a group collaboration, created and ATE edible color wheels! Parents were notified ahead of time of the prepackaged frosting and cookies being used to eliminate any concerns for food allergies - all set to go - and the students were excited - as was I!
Students left the art room full of excitement AND sugar!

Art Club

Memory books were created in the style of an accordian book. Students brought in photos of themselves, their families and their friends and created these one of a kind memory books. Below are just a few examples.

3rd grade

Taco fish - not to eat!!!!  3rd grade students worked with clay to create taco fish! Emphasis in additive and subtractive methods were discussed for this project, as was scoring - scratch, wet, scratch. Glaze was used as a finishing method to bring color and brightness. I had a great time ordering lots of different glaze colors for the students and I did not limit their use of colors - have a look!!!

2nd grade Paper Houses

Paper sculpture & architecture - what a combination!
2nd grade students learned about architecture and then applied the "building" principles to their very own houses. The elements of art that we discussed were form, shapes, color, texture, and space. Look at their magnificent work!

Art Club Pancake Breakfast

Our last art club meeting was a wrap up with distribution of all artwork not previous taken home and.........a pancake breakfast! Mrs. Ellett & I love to "flip" for our "artsy" kiddos by flipping pancake. Great food, great fun, great sharing and of course great flipping! Thanks to Ms. Peek for all your help this year, and thanks to Mrs. Conrad (Keenan's mom), and Mrs. Clune (Brooke & Britney's mom) for your help at the breakfast. When the bell rang, all students left with full bellies!
Not sure who had more fun, the students or me!!!

Mrs. Ellett, Ms. Peek, Mrs. Craig

Avery - ArtWorks! Gwinnett Award ceremony

Avery was selected as a recipient of the 1st ArtWorks! Gwinnett ceremony April 29, 2012 at the Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce.

ArtWorks! Gwinnett is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization that cultivates and promotes arts opportunities in Gwinnett County, GA that enhance cultural and economic capital and enrich the county’s residents and the business community. The organization’s activities in support of the visual, literary and performing arts are as follows: Increased Visibility and Resources, Education and Networking Series, Unified Fundraising.

As a clearinghouse for information, ArtWorks! Gwinnett provides visibility to Gwinnett arts organizations and artists by engaging the public, media and businesses through a variety of marketing and communications channels. Additionally, ArtWorks! keeps artists and arts organizations informed about industry opportunities.

 That's Avery & me - WAY TO GO AVERY!