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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Houses for Haiti- DCES faculty and their children come together for a great cause

Houses for Haiti is a non-profit organization dedicated to building houses for homeless families living on the streets of Cite Soleil, the poorest slum in the Western Hemisphere. With no jobs, education or public assistance, many families have no hope for ever living in a concrete dwelling. We believe that every person deserves to live in a safe environment, free from disease and filth that is ever present on the streets of Haiti. Please check out their website:

Duncan Creek faculty and their children donated their time after school to make house pins for this organization. Pins were made and sold in the front office and all funds were donated to help the people of Haiti. See just how great our teachers and staff are when working together!!!

3rd grade - Gyotaku fish printing

Japanese fishermen would record their catch by using this printing method. Before reading and writing was learned and used by everyone, visual means of record keeping of fish species and size would be recorded this way. No one could embellish the size of their catch by this method! Students were able to print with rubber fish AND a real fish ~ yuck ~ and even though many opted to print with the rubber fish, all wanted to see and feel the real one!

1st grades - have a heart

Pinch pots were the items being made in this beginning clay lesson. Our students created pinch pots by using lizella clay and pinching and forming the pot shape in their hands. Students turned these into heart shapes and glazed them as gifts for Valentine's day.

2nd grade - Kokeshi Dolls

These students studied a Japanese form of dollmaking - Kokeshi Dolls! Kokeshi dolls are carved from wood and were made as a less expensive way of having dolls for the children, as opposed to the more expensive porcelain dolls. Our students worked in recycled materials and paper mache. They used left over fabric scraps and ribbon scraps to create uniquely individual dolls - the boys even enjoyed this! As the students finished up their dolls, they made books and wrote stories to go along with their own kokeshi dolls. Take a look and see their wonderful characters!