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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tapestry 2012

GCPS county art show was a success yesterday evening! Lots of great art on display. Our school had a super turn out with so many of our students and their families admiring their own work and the work of their peers. Check out the four Duncan Creek panels with art work - our kids ROCK!

3rd grade

Spiral weaving!! Look at these masterpieces - students were encouraged to use all color combinations and boy did these turn out great. Weavings were made into wall hangings and will sure to be keepers!

4th grade still life painting

So important to study still life art. Our 4th graders drew and painted using watercolor paints. The students were encouraged to look...really look at the subject at hand. Students reviewed the use of watercolor paints and their artwork came out beautifully! So proud of these kids!!

Art Club

Textiles was our focus during this lesson. Students created their self - portrait and made a pillow. We had our sewing machines on hand and the students took a spin at sewing on a machine. This was a first time experience for some art clubbers, but a few were sewing like old pros. Check out the work in progress and the finished work, too!

Art Club

Penguins on parade! It's a 3D art recycle lesson.
Students (and teacher) had fun making and naming our penguins. Thanks to Mrs. Gloria Jones for the donated fabric & thanks to our media center staff for letting us display our parade!!!

2nd grade and "sweet" polar bears!

Texture was the art element of this lesson. Students read, sketched and painted polar bears. It was a sweet treat when students dab painted their polar bear(s) using marshmallows! No eating - just painting.