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Friday, October 26, 2012

Art room housekeeping...

                                                   ...such a chore...but the kids gotta glue!
Happy Day!!!

3rd grade

The Huichol Indians of Mexico was our inspiration for creating "yarn paintings". See the beautiful yarn leaves that the HES 3rd graders created.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

2nd grade Picasso's in the house

2nd graders have been studying the life and art of one of our GREATEST painters E-V-E-R! Look at the self-portrait paintings these masterful artists created with PICASSO as our inspiration.


1st grade

Ask any Harmony Elementary 1st grader about Pablo Picasso and you will be surprised at what you'll learn! Students discussed Picasso and his art and life. We even viewed a video clip of Picasso painting (WOW - what an experience!!!).We created a paper collage self-portrait in his style and then created a "Hands with Bouquet" painting. The students received a Picasso fact sheets for their sketchbook, a Picasso word search, a Picasso coloring sheet, and the classroom lessons that are TRUE masterpieces!

4th grade - Autumn Leaves

4th graders created crayon resist paintings with leaves as our subject. We discussed the colors of autumn, how and why leaves change, drawing with intent or purpose, and the priciple of design, emphasis. Look at these colorful creations! Great job StUdEnTs!

Wildcats Art Club 2012-13

Wow! What a fabulous group of students - it makes getting here at 7:00am and all the non sleep worth it!
These 4th graders are dedicated - joining the art club required an application form and a portfolio of work submitted by each student. I am so excited about Wednesday mornings and look forward to a great year! Check out the cards for our troops that were created by art club. In it's second year running, Q-100 FM, The Bert Show, delivers cards of appreciation and thanks to our troops near and far. Their goal is that each and every service member receive a card for the holidays. Harmony Art Club jumped right on board and created some terrific masterpieces! Hope our cards can brighten a day for a United States military member - they sure did brighten mine!!!

Monday, October 15, 2012

5th grade Wire Sculptures

5th graders created alphabet letters by using wire, yarn, and beads. Alexander Calder was our inspiration and we even watched him in action from a video clip! Bending the wiring was challenging, but my terrific students didn't give up! Check out their wire sculptural letters!!!!