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Thursday, November 10, 2011

3rd grade

VVG that's what we call Vincent van Gogh - our inspiration for the lovely sunflower prints. Van Gogh painted sunflowers - DC 3rd graders printed sunflowers. Many stories circulate regarding VVG's life - ask your child if he/she can remember one fact about van Gogh - you may learn a thing or two about such a great post-impressionist artist!!

3rd grade

Yarn painting by Huichol Indians of Mexico was our inspiration for the beautiful yarn leaves. Students looked at maps of Mexico and examples of yarn paintings by the Huichol Indians and created similar artwork. See these great "leaves"!!!

4th grade

Kids love working with clay! 4th graders created "leaf bowls" using stoneware clay and leaves! They added decorative elements to the edges of their bowls, not disturbing the beautiful leaf imprint on their bowl. I let the students use some great glazes (from my personal stash) that created splots of color within color. Students got a chance to learn about the firing process which makes the clay "cook" and harden and students also used glaze in finishing their artwork and experienced the heating process and change that happens to the glaze during the second firing.

1st grade

Handtrees! students created trees using....literally...their hands. This mixed media artwork included lessons on paint, outlining, coloring, and printing. Look at this great artwork!

ART CLUB........

.....participated in The Bert Show's BIG THANK YOU sending in 40+ cards for our troops. The hope of this adio show was to send out 400,000+ cards to each active military service person, stationed near or far, a card for the holidays thanking them for their service protecting our country. Students watched a looping powerpoint to prompt them with images of yellow ribbons, flags, eagles, branches of the military icons, etc. Our DC kids did a super job of creating these magnificent, thankful letters and hopefully the military service men/women will appreciate the artwork and heartfelt thanks in the card coming their way. Check out the images below of a few cards that were sent....and by the way....the Bert Show DID reach their goal of 400,000+ cards!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

2nd graders and Picasso!

Picasso inspired self-portraits - check out the colors and painting techniques!!!

Art Club

Art Club has learned about American artist Romare Bearden (1911-1988).
He was an African American artist and writer. He worked in several media including cartoons, oils, and collage. Born in Charlotte, North Carolina, Bearden grew up in a middle-class African American family. Bearden's family joined the Great Migration of southern blacks to northern and western areas of he United States. Settling in New York City, Bearden called this home for the rest of his life. During the 1920's, Harlem was a vibrant exciting cultural center. His parents, being prominent figures in Harlem's cultural and political scene, Romare was surrounded by important figures, well known artists, musicians, and writers. He would take these life experiences and exhibit them through his art throughout his career.
In the 1960's, Bearden's work became more representational and more socially conscious. He used clippings, photos and writings from magazines, which at that time was a new kind of medium. Using this medium, he tried to show social awareness in the African American rights movement. Combining his memories of growing up in Harlem, and using collage,
he created beautiful works of art. Some of Romare Bearden's work is currently on display at the High Museum of art in Atlanta - check it out if you get a chance!
Look at the Romare Bearden inspired prints that our Art Club has created!