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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

3rd grade - Spiral Weavings

3rd grade students created radial (spiral) designs by using a paper plate as a loom. Students learned about weaving techniques and terminology, cultures that use weaving and answered questions of why do we weave and what is weaving. The students looked at radial designs all around us in nature and used colorful patterning in creating their weaving. After the weaving was completed, they turned their weavings into decorative art by making a wall hanging.

Olympic Fever - Winter Olympics 2010

The students at DCES caught the Olympic bug! Excitement was in the air during this historical time. Kindergarten, 1st & 2nd graders created their own Gold Olympic Medals! Using clay, and their own shoe, students pressed the pattern from underneath their shoe onto a piece of clay to form a medallion shape. Each medal was individual depending on the pattern underneath each students own shoe. The students also created a crayon and watercolor resist painting to commemorate a fantasy of themselves in an Olympic event. The excitement was unbearable as each student received his/her gold medal in a make shift ceremony as I called each student up by name - what a wonderful memory for the students (and for me as well!).