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Monday, August 15, 2011

1st week of school

It's been a great first week back! Getting back into a routine is always challenging as are new schedules and new procedures, but also exciting in the outlook of a new school year. Great to see alot of familiar faces but also looking forward to getting to know the new faces in our school this year. This week, students watched a powerpoint presentation on the art room and the art room rules. We discussed proper art room behavior and also pointed out where our day to day art supplies are located - it always amazes me when a student will ask, "where's the sink?".
1st through 5th graders assembled their art sketchbooks. Each grade is color coded for easy identification. During this process we discuss bookmaking and the students were introduced to a few bookmaking terms. Sketchbooks will be kept on the art room for practice drawing, sketching, and writing assignments and be used throughout the year, and will be taken home in May with a menagerie of drawings, writings, handouts, doodles, and definitions. Looking forward to another great week and making some ART!