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Sunday, October 17, 2010

3rd grade

Third grade students reviewed texture and discussed textures around us. Students then were able to apply their knowledge of texture in a painting. Students painted textured landscapes and used paint techniques as well as texture making materials such as forks, sponges, and paint combs.

Students then moved onto a sculpture lesson and were introduced to artist Marisol Escobar.
Maria Sol Escobar (born May 22, 1930), otherwise known simply as Marisol, is a sculptor born in Paris of Venezuelan lineage, living in Europe, the United States and Caracas.
( for further information on this artist)
Students used rectangular wood blocks to create there assemblage sculptures in the style of Marisol. A variety of art mediums such as crayon, colored pencil, and watercolor paint were incorporated in this lessons and students were encourage to bring items from home to add to their personal piece. Students created their sculptures by first choosing a subject of an important person in their life, then had the opportunity to write about why they chose the person important to them and were allowed to share stories and memories that included that important person. This was a very personal project and the students allowed me share some memories of my important person, too - thanks kids!