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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Kindergarteners - rock!

It's exciting when the art room is full of Kindergarteners! Many are using art materials such as clay, paint, and changeable markers, to name just a few, for the first time and they are wide eyed and excited! During one of our recent lessons we painted the table top and pressed a sheet of paper onto the paint to create a print - wow - the wide eyes when the students were ALLOWED to actually paint on the table top! One little girl asked me if I was going to get in trouble - I replied,
If the principal walks in, we'll ask Ms. Chavannes if she wants to paint the table!
What a great gift I have been given to be able to introduce them to the experience of art! These children are fantastic!! We will be studying colors and color groups this year. We will also discuss lines, shapes, and patterns. The students will have exposure to a sampling art material as well as a sampling of artists and we will touch upon and discuss art history. Be on the lookout for us dressing up like a famous artist or two!