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Sunday, October 17, 2010

4th grade

Pop art and Andy Warhol was how we started out the school year. We discussed the Pop Art era of the late 1050's beginning in Britain and then continuing in the United States in the early 1960's. We discussed a variety of pop artists and focused on Warhol's influence during this time in history discussing the mass production of art work he created in his studio called the factory. Students created flower drawings(inspired by the popular flower symbol of the 1960's)and painted their flowers in neon colors that were also influencial during this time.

Fourth graders also worked in clay creating bowls imprinted with a leaf. We took our cue from nature and combined the method of creating a print in a sculptural form to create a functional piece of art.

Art elements and principles of movement, repetition, and space were studied next. Students began this lesson by gesture drawing and then moved on to the lesson of movement, repetition, and space. Students had opportunities to pose and be drawn by the class - boy what fun was had that day! Students will self evaluate their project and will participate in a friendly critic.